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About us

Visitgeorgia is a no-profit web site for those who want to know a little bit more about this country and its wonderfull remote mountains.

We are Italians and we have worked in those mountains, we have been all over the country. This is a collection of informations about interesting places, of pictures, lots of links, trip advice and rare maps.

Our Team

Francesco Annis

Die-hard outdoor enthusiast, sooner or later may find himself living on the curb. Claims to be working in digital communication, but he works regularly only as a scuba instructor.
His CV includes: Reserve Officer with the Army, the Border Monitoring Mission with the OSCE, the Nijmegen 4Daagse (twice), the Dodentocht march and 2007 MongolRally.

Barbara Canestrari

Great organizer (scuba diving, outdoor trips and flamboyant adventures) and small scuba diver (due to physical size). She was the one who got the idea (and the lack of common sense) to participate in the 2007 MongolRally.
She went 3 times to Nijmegen for the 4Daagse, twice at the Dodentocht. She runs her own web design business.


The "great Trek Shatili-Omalo" is a Visitgeorgia's idea, technically organised and supported by GO-CAUCASUS

E mail us to:info@visitgeorgia.it