Omalo, Tusheti
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One of Georgia's true gems. Tusheti is in North East Georgia, between 42.032/42.022 North and 63.017/63.022 East (find it on Google).



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Tusheti share its Eastern and Northern border with Dagestan and Chechnya and with Kakheti in the southwest. It's a land of high mountains (1650 to 4490 mts asl) excavated by spectacularly deep gorges.

The region's main rivers, Pirikiti Alazani and Tusheti Alazani, will unite near the Shenako gorge before cross into Dagestan and the Caspian Sea.

Tusheti can be reached with a 4WD vehicle only startin from Pshaveli (Kakheti) through the Abano pass (2926 mts asl). The pass is open only a few months a year.

The main settlement in the region is the Omalo Village (1850 m.s.l.)   


Average temperature in january and February is +3 -8 C. Lowest temperature is 13 -15 C. Heavy snow covers the fields 5-6 months per year and the average temparature in July and August is 15-18 C.

Tusheti is not particularly windy but a fresh breeze is always blowing.


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