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Why visit Georgia

Why visiting Georgia? because it's an ancient country with an intriguing history, people is fierce and true, the landscape is extremely vary and the nature amazing.

Our 25 good reasons for visiting Georgia:

- because it's not so far
- because Georgians love foreign peoples
- because ...good wine at affordable price
- because georgians like eating togheter...and are so many good restaurants there
- because of georgian toasts
- because "no Visa is required for europeans"
- because you can withdraw your money with credit cards without problems
- because people (at border posts) is professional and kind
- because Police do'nt take bribes !
- because of european flags everywhere..
- because the georgian alphabet
- because the towers in the mountains are awesome !
- because there are eagles and vultures
- because ...did you see the riverside in Tbilisi?
- because of the thermal baths
- because the historical centre of Tbilisi is totally refurbished
- because ... the beauty of the georgian Churches
- because of.. Davit Gareja, Vardzia, Gergeti...
- because in Georgia you can find a good beer..Kazbegi
- because of Jason...Argonauts... and the golden fleece.
- because Georgia is a christian country since 337 a.C.
- because è rimasto un paese molto tollerante, le moschee sorgono tra le chiese e le sinagoghe
- because ..at 7200 feet, Ushguli is the highest inhabitated Village in Europe
- because...how many among your friends have visited Georgia yet?
- because ... to find such mountain environment like in Georgia... you had to change continent!

Have you been in Georgia yet? add your good reason... to come back: